The current socio-health situation has forced us to face an unprece-
dented reality, where it is essential that each of us do its part.

PRIMA, with a spirit of commitment and sacrifice, it immediately adapted, 
fully respecting the new regulations in force regarding health and
 safety in the workplace.

The company's forward-looking vision for the automation of its
 production processes and the specialization of its employees has made
 it less problematic to adapt to the current stringent regulations impo-
sed by the pandemic.

To demonstrate its closeness to its customers, PRIMA has adapted and
 strengthened its potential for agile work, in order not to lose the human
aspect with its customers by promoting a valid remote connection in 
order to be close, even if far away, in order to best satisfy every possi-
ble request of a current market, which is penalized and uncertain.

PRIMA is ready and starts again with enthusiasm.



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