We are slowly recovering our space, rhythms, a new routine, but this lockdown has made us better understand our 
roots, our values.

PRIMA has started up again thanks to its tradition and the precious 
legacy of Benito Mazzuferi, to its optimistic look towards the future, to 
its search for renewal and improvement, to its persistent maintenance
 of quality and high production standards, to its respect of the customer
 and his needs, all reasons and values that have guided us and continue 
to guide us also, and above all, in this difficult moment.

PRIMA in recent years has worked wisely, seeking the best quality
 solutions to meet the ever increasing problem solving needs determined
 by the new market.

Now we can proudly underline the achievement of a complete range of 
products which, although PRIMA is a medium-sized company, few in our
 sector can count.

In this regard, the wide range of products in the catalog allow us to
 respond to any need with high quality products, from traditional ones
 for small jobs, to more technical and professional ones capable for their
 peculiarities of being successfully used where necessary.

In addition to the product, customer service, attention and speed have
 always been the cardinal points of PRIMA. In this period, to demonstrate
 its closeness to its customers, the company has adapted and stren
gthened its potential for agile work, favoring a valid remote connection
in order to be close, even if far away, in order to best satisfy every
 possible request.

The renewal of the management system and the search for improved
 digitalization is intended precisely to provide a better response to
orders and shipments.

We invite you to consult our website to view the product catalog to
 appreciate our entrepreneurial spirit and become part of the large
 PRIMA family.

PRIMA is ready and starts again with enthusiasm.


Easter 2021 closing


On the occasion of Easter, we inform our customers that our offices will be closed from 03/04/21 to 06/04/21 inclusive. [...]All NEWS

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