Benito Mazzuferi

 Grazie Benito

Benito was a unique character a man of days gone by, with a great entrepreneurial intuition that led him to create PRIMA, a company that has been the leader in the sector since 1964.
He was the one who was able to turn a simple and poor product like stucco into a real ICON: the K2 brand.

Today, PRIMA and K2 represent a winning combination, a symbol of the success, quality and reliability of products Made in Italy.

The story of BENITO is that of a passion typical of the Marche region, which has grown stronger and stronger for over 50 years, and it is still growing stronger, as he himself wrote in a beautiful book of which he is the undisputed protagonist.

“PER UN PUGNO DI POLVERE” ("FOR A HANDFULL OF POWDER") tells his story and that of his loved ones, his family, where BENITO was even greater: according to him there is no work without a family, Santuccia his wife who supported him until the end, his daughters Marina and Michela with their husbands Maurizio and Davide, to whom he transmitted the fundamental values of life and finally his beloved grandchildren, Riccardo, Edoardo, Chiara, Nicola, Elisa for whom he was not a traditional grandfather, but he was able to teach them that, with just a bit of anything one can build a lot and that with humility we can become KNIGHTS of LIFE.

Direct, honest, frank and sincere, Benito left us on March 30th, 2016 and the figure of a great man who was able to perfectly combine business and family disappears with him: a very well received teaching ... everything continues in PRIMA as if he were still there with his sweet, and at the same time severe, look.