History and mission

PRIMA was established in 1964, thanks to the initiative and the entrepreneurial spirit of its founder, Mr. Benito Mazzuferi, who had the merit of creating a simple, low-cost product, the stucco K2 , which has become a true ICON in the industry.
PRIMA and its trademark K2 represent a winning combination, a symbol of the success, reliability and quality of MADE in ITALY.
Appignano, March 17, 1964 is a historic date for PRIMA, because it marks the first processing of stucco, accomplished by the founder of the company Colorificio Marchigiano, which produces stucco for wood and walls; the stucco K2 was born, at first as stucco paste and then as stucco powder. The historic brand is still recognizable today in the whole range of PRIMA.

The great transformation began on 16 July 1990, the year when the company, established as Colorificio Marchigiano, adopts its current corporate structure, starting a brilliant development that, through major investments in buildings and cutting edge facilities, allows to extend and strengthen the first production unit.

The second stage, essential for the expansion of PRIMA, took place between the end of the nineties and the beginning of the new millennium, when the company is subjected to a greater competition, both in industrial and commercial terms: in this respect new stuccoes are designed to meet the requirements of the customers, which have become more numerous and demanding.

Currently, PRIMA operates in a factory which extends on a covered and not covered surface of about 10,000 square meters, where the entire production is carried out. Production is completely automated, from dosage to mixing of raw materials, to the packaging of the finished product, by means of modern technologies that govern each step. The merit of professionalism, reliability, responsiveness is of the historical founder; an important legacy inherited from the second generation of the Mazzuferi family, the daughters Marina and Michela with their partners Maurizio and Davide and from the third generation, Riccardo and Edoardo. A young, dynamic group, which, thanks to many years of experience, has expanded its current range of K2 products, to be able to meet all the application needs, offering a professional and timely service to its customers.