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The K2 PASTA stuccoes are the result of a careful selection of each component: extra white carbonated, resins and selected additives.
- K2 PASTA: ideal for high quality finishing and for filling holes and cracks on indoor wall surfaces. Ready for use, excellent filling power and excellent yield.
- K2 PASTA WOOD LINE: ideal for plastering furniture, wooden window frames, doors and windows. Free of solvent based substances. Varnishable with any painting
- GIESSE PASTA: ideal for smoothing large surfaces, thanks to its particular smoothness. Easily sandable, excellent on plasterboard. Lavender scented.
- GOLD PASTA: ideal as primer prior to the application of Venetian stuccoes, decorative and brilliant paints. Extra white, extra fine, excellent spatulability and smoothness.
- K2 NUVOLA: ideal to fill small holes and cracks up to 3 cm. Great for fastening and repair of decorative elements, such as rosettes in plaster and wood. Very good against humidity and saltpeter, does not require sanding.
- K2 AIR AIRLESS: new application method for smoothing large civil and industrial surfaces. Ideal to renew walls and ceilings. Great for automatic sanders.