Plaster based powder line

The plaster based K2 POLVERE stuccoes are the result of a careful selection of each component: fine, superventilated plaster, extra white carbonated and selected additives.
- K2 POLVERE for indoor use: ideal for smoothing and finishing indoor walls. Easily sandable, excellent smoothness and excellent filling power.
- K2 PLUS L’UNIVERSALE: ideal for levelling uneven walls. Extra white, ideal for high thickness, easily sandable.
- NEWSTUK PROFESSIONAL: ideal for filling and finishing the joints between the sheets of plasterboard. Easily sandable, doesn't crack, doesn't shrink.
- NEWSTUK SPECIAL: ideal for high-quality finishes. Specific for joints. Easily sandable, excellent plastic resistance, does not generate dust.

Cement based powder line

The cement based K2 POLVERE STUCCOES are the result of a careful selection of each component: fine cement, extra white carbonated and selected additives.
- MB RASANTE: ideal for the restoration of items in concrete and irregular plastering. Reinforced with synthetic fibres, weather resistant, high thixotropy.
- NEWSTUK RESTAURO: ideal for outdoor and indoor smoothing and finishing on concrete, plastering and bricks. Easily sandable, water resistant, does not shrink and does not crack.

Paste line

The K2 PASTA stuccoes are the result of a careful selection of each component: extra white carbonated, resins and selected additives.
- K2 PASTA: ideal for high quality finishing and for filling holes and cracks on indoor wall surfaces. Ready for use, excellent filling power and excellent yield.
- K2 PASTA WOOD LINE: ideal for plastering furniture, wooden window frames, doors and windows. Free of solvent based substances. Varnishable with any painting
- GIESSE PASTA: ideal for smoothing large surfaces, thanks to its particular smoothness. Easily sandable, excellent on plasterboard. Lavender scented.
- GOLD PASTA: ideal as primer prior to the application of Venetian stuccoes, decorative and brilliant paints. Extra white, extra fine, excellent spatulability and smoothness.
- K2 NUVOLA: ideal to fill small holes and cracks up to 3 cm. Great for fastening and repair of decorative elements, such as rosettes in plaster and wood. Very good against humidity and saltpeter, does not require sanding.
- K2 AIR AIRLESS: new application method for smoothing large civil and industrial surfaces. Ideal to renew walls and ceilings. Great for automatic sanders.

Professional line PRO.64

The new line PRO.64 consists of three items with special technical features.
- Osmotic MORTAR: ideal for the restoration of indoor and outdoor masonry subject to strong moisture. Excellent for waterproofing walls and floors. Resistant over time.
- LEVELLING Stucco Paste: Ideal for finishing and levelling walls and indoor ceilings. Extra white, easily sandable, excellent smoothness.
- HIGH THICKNESS Stucco Paste: ideal to plug large holes and deep cracks. Water-resistant, specific for indoor-outdoor use. Does not shrink and does not crack.

Briko line

The new BRIKO line will soon be renewed in terms of packaging and proposed items, in order to meet the DIY market requirements.

Primer and rust inhibitor line

- Acryl Fix K2 professional fixative with microresin. Concentrated.
- IRON RUST K2 rust converter and phosphating. Protective.